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What is an Educational Consultant:

Choosing a college will be one of the most important choices you make with your child, not only financially, but one that will have a lasting impact on who they become as an adult. Many students choose a college based on the sports recognition, where their friends are going, or because they have heard a college “is a good school”, giving little thought about the match for academic selectivity, social fit, or if it will eventually offer the degree they choose to begin their career journey.

An independent educational consultant helps to educate a student more about who they are and how to incorporate this knowledge when determining a college fit. Because of their extensive travel to tour colleges, consultants know of many niche programs, trends in admissions criteria, and new developments on campuses from devoting time and resources to tour the campuses, meeting with admissions deans and representatives, and students. Consultants pay close attention to criteria, such as how far away from home would best serve this student, the selectivity range available to the student, the social environment where he or she might be more apt to spend all four years, and the size of the college that might be best for the student.

Emotions can run high during the application and consideration process. Having a knowledgeable, outside professional who can guide the family and student through strengthening the high school profile, reviewing the high school curriculum choices, providing a list of schools that are in keeping with the student’s profile and maintaining an action-oriented time-line for the application process can help to make this exciting journey from becoming overwhelming.

Independent Consultants spend a great amount of time evaluating colleges, attending continuing educational conferences, and dialoguing with each other as to what type of student they have helped to find success at one college verses another. No one college is best for everyone, as students sometimes tend to believe, but there is an appropriate college for everyone.

An independent consultant helps to individualize this process, and teaches students to make methodical decisions based on their personality, interests, high school profile, abilities and achievements.  They are highly qualified based on association criteria of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the National Association for College Counseling Admission, and are bound by ethical standards.