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Leigh Anne Spraetz and Kate Henderson

Leigh Anne Spraetz and Kate Henderson

Welcome to Academic Futures College and Career Counseling Services. As lifelong proponents of learning and finding one’s own journey, Leigh Anne Spraetz and Kate Henderson are committed to helping students succeed as they chart the path for their own life’s journey.

Their process involves an individualized approach, as they believe every student is unique in his or her personality, interests, strengths and vision for the future.

The Academic Futures College and Career Exploration process is based the student’s input, goals, and needs. We provide a methodical approach to the admissions process, along with a timeline and an updated action plan at each session, so the student is in control and well-prepared along each step. This allows for the process to be a learning and growing experience rather than a race to the finish line.
We have found over the years that even our most accomplished students often do not have or take the time to assess their strengths to determine who they want to become, and to make a plan to get there. This is the most exciting part of our jobs, to help students realize these accomplishments.

We provide positive encouragement while breaking down the process into small steps so each piece can be done well. We encourage students to develop a resume that reflects who they are, versus trying to add exhausting activities to keep up with what are perceived requirements for acceptance.

Please read our testimonials to learn more about how our process has benefited students and parents. We offer 30-minute free consults for you to get your questions answered. Please call our front office to schedule at 678-893-5300. We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in planning your academic future.