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The College Process

Choosing a college will be one of the most important choices you make with your child, not only financially, but one that will have a lasting impact on who he or she become as an adult.

An individualized self-exploration experience occurs through our testing, feedback and continued coaching sessions which helps students to maximize the remaining years of their high school experience, and helps them to target the college search in a methodical, organized manner. Having an outside professional, knowledgeable due to tours, conferences, interactions with admissions representatives and from years of experience in coaching students, can sometimes be just the influence that motivates a student to get focused and organized in this process.

Our process educates the student about who they are – their strengths, interests, personality traits, aptitudes and values – and matches this information with potential college majors and careers. These careers are thoroughly researched and narrowed so the student can have an idea of 3-5 potential matches for college majors. While we are not trying to lock young adolescents into specific career paths, we teach them to become educated consumers about themselves, and therefore, to learn how to determine what careers could be a match for them and those that would not. Many students today choose a potential college major and career based on what others have told them, or by what the media has portrayed. They often don’t really know what skills, personality traits, and abilities are needed, or even how much education is required to succeed in a chosen career.

Yet, many colleges have grown over the past couple of years in terms of freshman enrollment, making it harder to switch schools or programs of concentration to get all of the classes needed in a timely manner. Many scholarship programs are also narrowing their offers to four years. If students can be taught more about themselves and what would be satisfying regarding a career choice, much of the guesswork and assumptions can be eliminated early on.

Next, an individualized college list is provided, representing a combination of Reach, Possible and Likely schools that can be an academic, social and financial fit. We broaden the scope of the college list, leading students to consider, and often choose, colleges that they may have never thought of for themselves, but that would provide an excellent academic and personal growth experience.

Students are then given Action Plans to complete what must be done in high school, and to meet scheduled deadlines for college applications. Parents feel encouraged when they see students take ownership of their future and see progress in completed assignments.  What can be an overwhelming process is met with a planned approach that makes the high school years more manageable and enjoyable.

A parent conference is offered at the end of the testing and exploration sessions to give an overview of the student’s profile. Coaching is provided for the remaining time in high school.

An outline of the process includes: Interview, Assessments, Feedback and Exploration, College List, Guidance for Application Development, Resume Development, Essay Development, Interviewing and Touring Guidelines, Scholarship Advisement, Timeline with Action Plan for each step of Application Process