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The Process

An intensive self-exploration experience occurs through our testing, exploration and continued coaching that helps students to maximize the remaining years of their high school experience, and helps them to target the college search in a methodical, organized manner. Having an outside professional, armed with in-depth information from college conferences, visits with admissions deans and representatives, and campus tours can sometimes be just the influence that will motivate students to get focused and organized in this process.  After an interview, a series of assessments and multiple coaching sessions, an individualized profile is created.  This information helps students to focus on their strengths, enabling us to assist them in developing a list of appropriate colleges and college majors to consider.

Through the assessment feedback, we are able to educate students in how to choose potential college majors that are the right ‘fit’ for who they are. We look at schools that are a match academically, socially, as well as listing those that have the appropriate majors and activities.  College tuition is too competitive and expensive to guess at this. We often lead students to think of colleges they would never have considered before, but would be a good fit for them based on their profile.

How does the process allow students to shape their high school experience?

The process allows students to shape their high school experience so they present a well-rounded profile when it comes time to completing their college applications.  Sometimes unique summer learning experiences, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, or gap-year programs are recommended. By the time the process is completed, the student has a list of colleges or universities that represents a combination of “reach”,  “in range”, and ‘safety’   schools. We work together to meet all the scheduled deadlines for the colleges on the list. Parents feel encouraged when they see progress in meeting scheduled deadlines.  What can be an overwhelming application process is met with a planned approach for completing high school, and identifying the appropriate courses of action, for both the student and parents. This kind of planning and support makes the high school years more manageable and enjoyable.  Our goals are to encourage the student to follow an appropriate course curriculum over their high school years, get SAT results that reflect the student’s true ability, identify potential essay topics, have applications mailed or emailed on time and potential career paths identified for the student to explore.

We will work with your student as he/she researches these schools and finalizes the list of colleges in to which will apply, and to keep him/her on track as he/she prepares the applications. A parent conference is offered at the end of the testing and exploration sessions to give an overview of the student’s profile.